You! And us. And the whole rest of the world. So...basically everybody.


World Tasting Day celebrates beverages, the people who love them, and the people who make them. Drink enthusiasts from around the globe unite for a day of appreciation, enjoyment, and support. From absinthe to zinfandel, grab a drink and join in.

If you and your drinking buddies would like to make a game of your tasting, we've created Thirst Impressions for just such an occasion. Our Indiegogo campaign begins soon, but our beer preview edition is available now!


World Tasting Day is coming to a world near you in 2018 — stay tuned!


You can taste the day away wherever beverages are sold. Nominate your favorite venue below to invite them to be an official participant, and soon you'll be able to check out a map of venues near you that are already in on the fun.

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