Learn the basic rules in under 2 minutes

(Warning: contains nuts)


 OBJECT: Get rid of all of your cards by using the different attributes of the beer (year, bitterness, and alcohol) to trump your opponents and force them to pick up more cards. 

START: Deal two cards face down to each player. Put the rest of the deck face down — this is the draw pile. All players look at their cards. The person with the lowest alcohol starts by playing that card face up in the centre, then drawing a new one. The next player clockwise now has to beat the card by playing an equal or higher alcohol on top of it, then drawing a new one. The played cards in the centre become the session pile.

Play continues until someone is unable to beat a card, at which point that person must pick up the entire session pile. They stop drawing new cards now until they are back to having fewer than two cards in their hand at the end of a turn. 

The next player starts a new session with a card of their choice and decides which attribute is now in play — alcohol, bitterness, or year. Alcohol and bitterness must be equal to or HIGHER than the previous card. Year must be equal to or OLDER than the previous card. 

FINISH: Once the draw pile is gone, the first player to get rid of all their cards wins.


advanced rules

For a faster, more random game, use the Two Thirds Rule

For a faster, more strategic game, use the Hops Rule and/or the Interrupt Rule

For a drinking game, use the Drinking Card Game guide



Here are the basic rules again, as the Hip Hops Rules Song by Jonathan Mann




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